North Korea Travel Ban: Criminal Penalties may apply !

Janne Pak(박금자) Janne Pak(박금자)
게시일 2017-07-25 22:01
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At The State Department Briefing

I asked about The North Korea Travel Ban.
Q(Janne): If you violated the travel prohibition to North Korea
What are the specific details of penalties.

A(Nauert): The travel ban will go into effect 30days after it is listed in the Federal Register. We've talked a lot here about the dangers of traveling to North Korea. I saw in one major newspaper today where people were talking about, oh, there are neat experiences in North Korea, Which makes it sound like it's a fantastic place to go. Let me remind you, we still have Americans who are being detained in North Korea.

We don't want to see any more people go the North Korea and be detained, and that is why we put that travel ban in place. That travel ban had been under consideration for quite some time.