"U.S.-ROK Defense Ministers Talks on OPCON, extended deterrence remains unchanged."

Janne Pak
2021-12-01 02:50
(11-29-2021) by: Janne Pak(White House and Pentagon Correspondent)

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The U.S.-South Korea Defense Ministers' Meeting will be held in Seoul on Thursday, the December 2nd. This meeting is an annual defense minister-level meeting.

Pentagon chief spokesman Kirby said at a regular briefing on the 29th (local time) about the SCM meeting, saying that Secretary Austin would have in-depth discussions on various issues with the South Korean defense minister.

Prior to this, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Mara Karlin explained the results of the 'Global Posture review' to reporters.

"The results of the Global Posture Review will serve as a disciplining framework for the department to match our posture to our strategy with benefits accruing for years to come. I now like to highlight a few Global Posture Review outcomes by region. I'll note that of course, many of the Global Posture Review outcomes remain classified for operation security reasons and to preserve the confidentiality of our consultations with allies and partners.

Consistent with the Secretary's focus on China as our pacing challenge, the priority region for the Global Posture Review was the Indo Pacific. The Global Posture Review directs additional cooperation with allies and partners across the region to advance initiatives that contribute to regional stability. And deter potential military aggression from China and threats from North Korea."

And Dr. Karlin answered my questions.

Q: (Janne Pak): Has the United States any change of nuclear umbrella to South Korea against the North Korean nuclear attack?

A: (Dr. Karlin): Our extended deterrence with our closest allies is critical. And I do not have anything to announce on changes regarding it.

Pentagon Spokesperson Kirby said that during the SCM meeting, many issues such as transfer of OPCON will be discussed. In particular, he mentioned the importance of the trilateral alliance, saying that Secretary Austin would also speak on the trilateral cooperation between the South Korea, U.S. and Japan on this occasion.

Q: (Janne Pak): On the transfer of OPCON to South Korea would be based on condition. When do you expect the full conditions to be met?

A: (Spokesperson Kirby): yes, I don't have a certain to speak to Janne. As you know, OPCON transition remains conditions based, as you noted, consistent with the bilaterally agreed upon conditions that were articulated in the transition plan itself. So, we're committed to continue to work closely with the Republic of Korea to ensure that all those conditions for OPCON are met. And our alliance remains as interoperable and as capable as possible."

* The Global Posture Review, which focuses on directing allied countries to cooperate in deterring potential military aggression by China and the North Korean threat, confirms that the U.S. nuclear umbrella for South Korea remains unchanged with regard to regional stability and, in particular, stability on the Korean Peninsula. did it

It is not known what kind of agreement will be reached at this defense ministerial meeting. However, experts on the Korean Peninsula say that it is dangerous for South Korea to want to transfer OPCON from the United States hastily.

This is because North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons and does not give up its nuclear weapons.

A transfer of OPCON or a declaration of an end to the war is beneficial to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but unfavorable to South Korea given the current situation. The current Moon Jae-in administration's pro-North Korea and pro-China ideological thinking is making the South Korea-U.S. relationship more complicated and difficult.

[한.미 국방장관회담 전작권논의, 확장억제 변함없다.]

한.미 국방장관 회담이 오는 2일 목요일 서울에서 개최된다. 이번 회담은 연례적인 국방장관급 회담이다.

펜타곤 커비 수석 대변인은 오늘 29일(현지시간) 정례브리핑에서 SCM 회담에 관해 발표하면서 오스틴 장관은 한국 국방장관과 여러 이슈에 대해 깊은 논의를 할것이라고 말했다.

이에 앞서 칼린 국방부 정책 부차관은 기자들에게 글로벌 포스처 검토에 대한 결과를 설명 했다.
그리고 본 기자의 질문에 답했다.

Kirby 대변인은 이번 SCM회담에서 전작권 이양등 많은 문제들을 논의 할것이라고 말했다. 특히 이번 기회에 한.미.일 3국 협력에 대해서도 오스틴 장관이 말할 것이라고 말하면서 3각 동맹의 중요성을 언급했다.

중국의 잠재적 군사공격과 북한의 위협을 억제하는데 동맹국가의 협력을 지시했다는데 중점을 둔 글러벌 포스처 리뷰는 지역안정과 특히 한반도의 안정에 대해 미국의 한국에 대한 핵 우산이 변함이 없다는 것을 확인하게 됐다.

이번 한.미 국방장관 회담에서 어떤 합의가 이루어 질지는 모른다. 하지만 한국이 성급하게 미국으로부터 전작권이양을 원하는 것은 위험하다는 것이 한반도 전문가들의 입장이다. 왜냐면 북한이 계속 핵 개발을 하고 핵을 포기하지 않고 있기 때문이다.

전작권 이양이나 종전선언은 북한 김정은에게 유리한 것이지 지금 상황으로 보면 한국에는 불리하다. 현재 문재인 정권의 친북한 친중국의 이념적 사고방식이 한.미 관계를 더욱 복잡하고 어렵게 만들고 있다.

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