"NSC discusses international countermeasures against ransomware"

Janne Pak
2021-10-17 00:21
(10-15-2021)  by: Janne Pak(White House Correspondent)

@Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor of the United States.

Ransomware is a malicious code that embeds a malicious program into a computer and encrypts documents and data to make it unusable.

The 'Ransomware Response Initiative' meeting, held by the White House National Security Council (NSC) via video for two days from the 13th to the 14th, was attended by representatives of more than 30 countries including the UK, France, Germany, Japan, India, Mexico, and South Korea. And discussed international responses to the ware threat.

Through the joint declaration, the participating countries agreed to *cooperation to enhance network resilience *cooperation related to regulation, supervision, and investigation to prevent money laundering of virtual assets in the process of paying ransomware payments *timely cooperation between law enforcement agencies, security authorities, and cybersecurity agencies It was revealed that they expressed their will to cooperate with each other on promotion and strengthening of diplomatic cooperation for cyber crime response and capacity building.

It is known that the meeting was held to increase international pressure on Russia, China and North Korea, which are pointed out as the epicenter of the ransomware attack. At a telephone briefing on the 12th (local time), a senior U.S. administration official also mentioned Russia and China and said, "We have been working with our allies and partners to hold us accountable for malicious cyber activities," media reported. However, the high-ranking official also said that it is cooperating with Russia, saying that it has a communication channel for cyber security solutions.

In the United States, in May, a ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, an American oil pipeline company, resulted in a halt in oil supply to the eastern United States. As ransomware attacks spread through U.S. corporate networks that provide managed services, cybersecurity countermeasures have been emphasized.

The South Korean government also announced that it had participated in this meeting led by the U.S. government to respond to ransomware from Russia, China, and North Korea and discussed ways to cooperate.

South Korea has reduced its cyber headquarters under the Moon Jae-in administration, so it is likely that South Korea will have to put more effort into international cooperation in the future.

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