"U.S., launches North Korean missile? dialogue is open!"

Janne Pak
2021-10-03 23:18
(10-01-2021) by: Janne Pak(white House correspondent)

@Jen Psaki, White House Spokesperon.(10/01/2021)

North Korea fired another surface-to-air missile on the 29th two days after North Korea recently launched a hypersonic missile (27th). It has already launched four missiles in September.

At a White House briefing today (1st), "In response to a reporter's question about the White House's response to North Korea's two missile launches and Kim Jong-un's proposal to restore communication lines between North and South Korea this week.

Spokesperson Psaki said - "The United States is seeking unconditional dialogue with North Korea." requested, but there is no response from North Korea. The U.S. Department of Defense has issued a statement regarding the North Korean missile launch by the U.S. and is evaluating its specific characteristics."

@Reported by Janne Pak, White House Correspondent(10/01/2021)

**North Korea is using a 'strong and double-sided strategy' against South Korea. North Korea has set out to tame the Moon Jae-in regime. I wonder why President Moon Jae-in is not responding to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

For peace on the Korean Peninsula, it should be said that North Korea should not engage in provocations. Even if the communication lines between South Korea and North Korea are restored, it is unknown when North Korea will cut it again. This is because North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been doing unilateral actions so far.

In fact, the restoration of communication lines has nothing to do with easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. just to show Peace can be seen on the Korean Peninsula only when North Korea achieves denuclearization.

Well, first, let me say that, in our outreach, as I think — I’ll start here — we’ve made specific proposals for discussion with the North Koreans but have not received a response to date. So, in our outreach from the United States. And we remain prepared to discuss the full range of issues.

I believe, in terms of the recent incidents you — missile launches you refer to, we’re, of course, aware of these reports. We’re assessing the specific nature of these launch events. I think we’ve put out statements from the Department of Defense and others in response to them.

In terms of potential discussions between the North Koreans and the South Koreans, obviously, we’ve made our own outreach of potential engagement. I’d have to talk to our team if we have a more specific reaction.

[미국, 북한 미사일 발사해도, 대화 열려있어!"]

북한이 최근 극초음속 미사일을 발사한후(27일) 이틀만에 또 지대공 미사일을 29일 발사했다.   9월에 벌써 4차례 미사일 발사를 했다.

오늘(1일)  백악관 브리핑 에서 "이번주 북한이 두차례 미사일 발사와 김정은의 남.북한 통신선 재 복구 제안에 대해 백악관의 반응을 묻는 기자의 질문에:

Psaki 대변인은- "미국은 북한에 조건없는 대화를 요구했으나, 북한의 반응이 없다.  미국의 북한의 미사일 발사에 대해 미 국방부가 성명을 발표했으며, 구제적인 특성을 평가하고 있다"고 말했다.

**북한이 남한에게 '강온양면 전략'을 쓰고있다.  북한은 문재인 정권을 길들이기에 나섰다.   문재인 대통령은 왜 북한 김정은에게 반응을 보이지 않는지 궁금하다.

한반도 평화를 위해서는 북한이 도발을 해서는 않된다고 말해야 한다.  남한과 북한의 통신선이 복구 된다고 해도 북한이 언제 또 단절할지 알수 없다.   북한 김정은은 일방적인 행동을 지금까지 해왔기 때문이다.

사실 통신선 복구는  한반도 긴장 완화와는 아무상관이 없다.  보여주기에 불과하다.  북한이 실절적인 비핵화를 해야만 한반도에 평화가 왔다고 볼수 있다.

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