"North Korea's ballistic missile launch clearly violates the UN Security Council"

Janne Pak
2021-09-15 23:53
(9-15-2021)  by: Janne Pak(Pentagon Correspondent)

"What is North Korea aiming for?"

@Spokesperson John Kirby answering questions at the pentagon briefing.99-15-2021).

Following the launch of long-range cruise missiles last weekend, North Korea fired two ballistic missiles over the last night (local time) on the 14th.

On the same day, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was visiting Korea, and the Korea-China foreign ministers' meeting was in progress.
I am curious as to why North Korea launched a ballistic missile at this point and its intentions.

North Korea and China are blood alliance. Everyone knows that North Korea is having discussions with China whenever it provokes. The timing of the missile launch also shows North Korea's intentions about what happened while Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was visiting South Korea.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that North Korea's missile launch would be a military action by any country and that North Korea was stationed there. China clearly shows that it is an exit from North Korea.

North Korea's continued missile launch hides North Korea's intention to demand sanctions relief from the United States, complete suspension of joint ROK-US joint exercises, and massive aid to North Korea.

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting today and is discussing North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch.

At the Pentagon briefing today (15th, local time), Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also said that North Korea fired two ballistic missiles into the East Sea last night: These launches are in violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions, and these activities have the destabilizing effects of North Korea's illicit weapons program. emphasized. The defense commitments of South Korea and Japan are ironclad, the statement said.

Q and A with spokesman Kirby at the Pentagon briefing:

Q:(Janne Pak): On the North Korean ballistic missile launches, did the United States detect North Korean ballistic missile launches in advance this time?

A:(MR. KIRBY): I won't speak to intelligence assessments or -- or our monitoring capabilities.

Q:(Janne Pak): And how is the United States’ missile defense system responding to North Koreans' ballistic missile defense?

A:(MR. KIRBY): It's not about responding to -- to a particular launch, it's about making sure that -- that our missile defense system, wherever it's deployed, is effective and capable, and we routinely test and experiment and try to improve that system on a daily basis.

And because the -- the threat is real and it doesn't just come from one place in the world, so we've got to be ready for -- for all missile defense capabilities.

Q:(Janne Pak): Well, does the United States underestimate the -- North Korea's missile launches because there is no threat to -- threat to United States?

A:(MR. KIRBY): No.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department condemned North Korea's ballistic missile tests and emphasized a diplomatic solution for denuclearization. He also urged North Korea to engage in dialogue. A State Department spokesperson said that North Korea's ballistic missile launch violated UN Security Council resolutions and poses a threat to North Korea's neighboring countries and the international community. The United States is committed to a diplomatic approach and has urged North Korea to engage in dialogue.

by: Janne Pak(White House and Pentagon Correspondent)

[북한 탄도미사일 발사, 분명한 유엔안보리 위반]
"북한은 무엇을 노리고 있는가!

북한이 지난주말 장거리 크루즈 미사일 발사에 이어 지난 밤(14일, 현지) 탄도미사일 2기를 통해상으로 발사했다.

같은 날 중국의 왕이 외교부장이 한국을 방문중이었고, 한.중 외교장관회담이 진행되고 있었다. 북한이 왜 이 시점에서 탄도미사일을 발사했는지 그 의도에 대해 궁금하다,

북한과 중국은 혈맹이다. 북한이 도발을 할 때마다 중국과 논의를 하고 있다는 것을 누구나 알고 있다. 이번 미사일 발사 시점도 왕이 중국 외교부 장관이 한국을 방문중 일어난데 대해 북한의 의도를 알수 있다.

왕이 중국 외교부장은 북한의 미사일 발사는 어느 나라든 군사적 행동을 한다며 북한을 주둔하는 말을 했다. 중국은 북한의 출구임을 영역히 보여주고 있다.

계속되는 북한의 미사일 발사는 미국으로부터 제제완화, 한.미 연합훈련 완전 중단, 다량의 대북지원을 요구하려는 북한의 의도가 숨어있다.

북한의 이번 탄도미사일 발사에 대해 오늘 유엔 안보리가 긴급 회의를 열고 논의중이다.

한편, 미 국무부는 북한의 탄도 미사일 시험발사를 규탄하면서 비핵화를 위한 외교적 해법을 강조 했다. 그러면서 북한이 대화에 나설 것을 촉구했다. Price 국무부 대변이은 북한의 탄도미사일 발사는 유엔안보리 결의 위반이고, 북한의 주변국과 국제사회에 위협을 제기한 것이라고 밝혔다. 미국은 외교적 접근에 전념하고 있다며 북한이 대화에 임할 것을 촉구했다.

미 국방부 컬비 대변인도 오늘(15일, 현지) 펜타곤 브리핑에서 지난밤 북한이 동해상으로 탄도미사일 2기를 발사한데 대해: 이러한 발사는 여러 유엔 안보리 결의를 위반하는 것이며 이러한 활동은 북한의 불법 무기 프로그램의 불안정한 영향을 강조했다. 한국과 일본의 방위에 대한 공약은 철통같이 굳건하다고 성명을 발표했다.

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