"Can we trust the U.S. Security Pledge? Concerns of allies!"

Janne Pak
2021-08-20 04:16
(8-19-2021) by: Janne Pak

"Can we trust the U.S. Security Pledge? Concerns of allies!"
"미국의 안보공약 믿어도 되나? 동맹국들 우려!"

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Looking at the crisis in Afghanistan, our allies are concerned about the reliability of our security promises to the United States. In response to President Biden's remark that "the U.S. military cannot make sacrifices where there is no national interest," the allies where the U.S. military is stationed are not comfortable in fear.

@State Department Briefing Room, Janne Pak asked question to Spokesman.(8/19/2021).

Of course, at a briefing at the White House on the 17th, White House security adviser Sullivan said, "There will be no withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Korea, and the situation is fundamentally different from that of Afghanistan."

President Biden today(19th) also delivered a firm message under the S.Korea-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty, expressing clear trust in his allies in an interview with ABC TV today(19th), saying that if our ally are invaded, U.S. will surely respond.

@Ned Price(State Department Spokesman). @Janne Pak(State Department Correspondent).

However, since there are many concerns among the public that the U.S. may withdraw U.S. troops from South Korea if it is judged that the U.S. has no national interest, I asked Price, a spokesperson for the State Department at a briefing today(19), on “trust in the security commitments made by South Korea and its allies to the United State."and spokesman Price said the United States has invested heavily in its allies, and that's what enemies envy.

He also said that the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is in the interests of the United States and promoting the common interests of the United States, Korea, and Japan.

It is only natural that the United States places great importance on the national interest for the safety, security, and prosperity of its citizens.

However, seeing that South Korea's Moon Jae-in regime does not protect the people, does not know what the national interest is, and is moving toward China, which is blood-alienated with North Korea rather than its ally, the United States, the commander-in-chief of the Moon Jae-in, who has lost his view of the country, should realize as soon as possible and pay more attention to the Korea-US alliance.

by: Janne Pak
(White House and State Department Correspondent)

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(Janne Pak, White House Correspondent)
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