"U.S. no hostile intent toward North korea"

Janne Pak
2021-08-12 23:44
(8-11-2021)  by: Janne Pak

@Price State Department Spokesperson, at the Briefing.

U.S.  State Department spokesperson Price said in a briefing today  that the U.S.-ROK joint exercises are purely defensive exercises and that the U.S. does not have any hostile intentions against North Korea.
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He also repeatedly pointed out that the ROK-US joint military exercises are of a purely defensive nature. The United States emphasized that it is doing its best to maintain South Korea's security and combined defense posture in accordance with the ironclad ROK-U.S. alliance.

He added that the details of the joint exercise would be provided by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon's chief spokesperson reluctant to comment on the details of the ROK-U.S. joint exercise and dismissed it as asking ROK or USFK (U.S. Forces in Korea) to contact . "We maintain a strong combined defense posture to protect the Korean Peninsula and continue to maintain our commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” he said

Reporters in Washington are all clamoring for why the Pentagon Spokesperson is reluctant to comment in detail about the U.S. position on this  South Korea-U.S. joint exercise. Although it was reported in the Korean media to some extent, the U.S. Department of Defense expressed displeasure as to the reason for refraining from commenting.

@Reported by State Department Correspondent Janne Pak.

Experts on the Korean Peninsula in Washington, unanimously, predicted that North Korea's 'silent aggression plan' disguised as dialogue and peace was underway, saying that it was the expected procedure for Kim Yo-jong and Kim Young- churl's "serious security threat" remarks. Analysts also said that tensions should not be lost while placing weight on North Korea's low-intensity aggression and other ICBM and SLBM test launches.

It is impossible to predict whether the Korean Peninsula will be covered with dark clouds again or turned into rainbow colors for the actions of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who do not know where he is going.

Meanwhile, South Koreans are raising their voices saying that only what they expected is happening, and that the United States should conduct an aggressive joint exercise between the ROK- U.S.  without worrying about the restoration of inter-Korean communication lines.

by: Janne Pak
(State Department Correspondent)

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