"Why the Spokesperson Reluctant to Comment."

Janne Pak
2021-08-12 22:51
(8-11-2021) by: Janne Pak

A number of fellow reporters are complaining that the Pentagon's chief spokesman was reluctant to answer of the reporters' questions about ROK-U.S.-related or joint training issues at a recent press briefing.

ROK-U.S. relations, especially defense issues, are sensitive matters, but they are reluctant to answer questions about the U.S. position on what has already been reported in the press in S. Korea. From the point of view of reporters who follow up the question, I wonder if at least the spokesperson has paid attention to and reviewed issues related to ROK-U.S. defense at least once.

Reporters are also offended by the irresponsible answer that has been handed over to the ROK or USFK to ask if it is bothersome to answer. S. Korean reporters in Washington are obviously interested in the U.S. position. It is different from reporters in S.Korea.

In particular, the position of the United States that came out by asking a question to the spokesperson is important because it can serve as a motive for understanding the strength of the ROK-US alliance, whether positive or negative. So, the reporters have no choice but to look at the lips of the spokesperson.

Of course, spokesperson have work to do, but they shouldn't discriminate. When a spokesperson refuses to answer, reporters are likely to ask the same question again. It is bound to be repeated in the hope that the desired answer will come out.

The United States is a country where freedom of the press and freedom of expression are guaranteed. And these things make America's values ​​shine even more. As President Biden noted, America's democratic values ​​can be seen in freedom of expression and evidenced by the American Constitution. And make a great America.

Recently, the State Department also mentioned freedom of the press and freedom of expression, saying that the U.S. would support it.

Journalists can ask any question, any issue, whatever the answer. we can ask questions until we get an answer. Journalists should do their job to bring justice and truth to the public. Journalists are working hard today, forgetting their fatigue, to fulfill their mission.

If the spokesperson understand and accept the reporters' feelings, there will be no misunderstanding.

by: Janne Pak
(Pentagon Correspondent)

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(Janne Pak, The White House Correspondent)
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