"On the Suspicion of N.Korea's Biological Weapons??"

Janne Pak
2020-03-22 23:28
(3-13-2020) by: Janne Pak

@Gen. Abrams Spoke to Journalist.(at the Pentagon, Conference Call& Briefing)3-13-2020.

Gen. Robert Abrams(ROK-U.S.Combined Forces Command) holds a press briefing on U.S.Forces-Korea's Response to COVID-19.

Gen. Abrams Said;
“We are not out of the woods yet here in Korea. We must all remain vigilant, and everyone must do their part in our efforts to control the virus. And so far, everyone within U.S. Forces-Korea has been a hundred percent compliant with our preventive mitigation efforts. I am extraordinarily proud of our USFK staff, all of our component commands and subordinates, all of our service members, our amazing families and employees who are maintaining their vigilance and resiliency during this time. Our mantra here in Korea: #KillTheVirus.”

(Gen. Abrams and Janne Pak Q & A):

@asked question to Gen. Abrams at the pentagon briefing-(Janne Pak).

Q:(Janne Pak): Thank you very much. Good evening, General Abrams. I'm Janne Pak with USA Journal Korea. I'm from S.Korea, and I have a few questions.

Are you satisfied with South Korea government response to COVID-19? If not, what would you recommend to South Korean government?

And second question: Is there any suspicious activity by North Korea, if they're -- they're using a chemical biological weapons?

Thank you very much.

A:(GEN. ABRAMS): (감사합니다):*He Speaking Korean"

To your second question, no. There -- there are no indications of any, sort of, attempts by North Korea for -- to inject some sort of biological weapons or anything like that.

You know, you've seen the public statements by North Korea that they claim that they have no COVID-19 cases. It is a closed-off nation, so we can't say emphatically that they -- they have cases, but we're fairly certain they do.

But what I do know is that their armed forces has been fundamentally -- been on lockdown for about 30 days, and only recently have they started routine training again. As one example, they didn't fly an airplane for 24 days. So they're -- they're back to flying training sorties.

Ma'am, with all -- with all respect, I -- it would be inappropriate me -- for me to comment on the Republic of Korea government's effort in controlling COVID-19.

I will tell you that we have -- we have received every bit of support. The efforts that we have seen have been extraordinary. They've been responsive. The president himself declared war on COVID-19 about six days ago. They've gone to great measures to help the good people of Daegu and that province. There is -- I mean, there's been tremendous amount of sacrifice by the Korean people to change their lifestyle, limit their socialization. There's been a huge impact economically because many of the shopkeepers, stores, bars, restaurants, et cetera are not seeing that.

So we've had great, great cooperation, great support from CDC. We're getting great support from the Korean health care system and -- and we've certainly been receiving great support from the Ministry of National Defense and the ROK JCS.

So I -- I don't have any suggestions for what they're doing. From a USFK perspective, I -- I could not have asked for a better partner.

by: Janne Pak
(White House and Pentagon Correspondent)

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