"U.S. Concerns about North Korean Human Rights Abuses in Corona-19."

Janne Pak
2020-03-12 01:35
(3-11-2020) [Special Report] by: Janne Pak

@Secretary Pompeo, remarks to the Journalists at briefing room, State Department.(3-11-2020).

Today, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Assistant Secretary Destro for Human Rights and labor hold a special briefing on human rights issues at the State Department briefing room.

At the briefing ;(Q and A - Janne Pak)
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@Question to Assistant Secretary Destro at briefing. (Janne Pak).3-11-2020.

Q: (Janne Pak): Thank you very much. On North Korea – on the COVID-19 coronavirus in North Korea, regarding in the North Korean human right abuse, do you have any information about coronavirus in North Korea, because Kim Jong-un hide this virus is not a serious problem. But do you find out recently what’s happened in North Korea, and to worry about the North Korean people?

@Assistant Secretary Destro_ Answering the Question from Janne Pak.(3-11-2020)

(ASSISTANT SECRETARY DESTRO): Well, I mean, the short answer to your question is that of course we’re concerned about the North Korean people, and we extend our sympathies to all of the families that find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being infected. But we also know that North Korea is a very closed society. Information is very hard to come by. But I do know that the – that our government has reached out to North Korea, to Iran, and to China – to everybody, and said look, to the extent that we can be useful, we will try and be useful and provide assistance. We’ve done that in any number of occasions.

So the short answer is I don’t know about the penetration of coronavirus there, but – and I can’t speculate.

Thank you.

by: Janne Pak
(White House and State Department Correspondent)

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