"Provides USFK Command to Prevent Coronavirus"

Janne Pak
2020-02-05 15:01
(2-03-2020) Reported by: Janne Pak

@ DOD Spokesperson Hoffman, Speech to Pentagon Journalist.(2-03-2020).

Q:(Janne pak): On Coronavirus, What kind of guidance did you send to U.S. troops in South Korea?


Q:(Janne Pak): Do you have any...

MR. HOFFMAN: Yeah, so the -- so last Friday the -- DOD's Health Affairs and P&R [Personnel & Readiness office] sent out a force health protection guidance to -- to the field. It listed out -- and I think you can find this on -- I think we've posted on our website, as well. But it -- it basically gives guidance on -- on what is coronavirus? How do you go about preventing, based on the information we know, and how do you -- how do you make yourself more resilient to it? So a lot of that is common guidance that you would find on the CDC or HHS websites.

And then also, you've seen -- we have some guidance from the commander on the ground with regard to travel and -- and instigating -- implementing travel restrictions for individuals. And so we've seen that take place in -- in South Korea. But at the time, we're going to take the guidance of State Department and CDC on this, and then working with the host countries.

by: Janne Pak
(White House and Pentagon Correspondent)

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@ DOD Spokesperson Hoffman .

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