[Special Report] " The immediate release of the innocent President Park"죄없는 박근헤대통령을 즉각 석방하라!

Janne Pak
2019-08-26 19:55
(8-26-2019)   [Special Report]    by: Janne Pak

" The immediate release of the innocent President Park
   No one can condemn but God."

The South Korean former president Park Geun-hye is being abused by a radical leftist regime(Moon's regime).

The Moon Jae-in regime has now seized power in order to go to socialism or communism.

That's why he's forced to commit President Park's imprisonment for 900 days in prison.

South Korea people wants liberal democracy and a U.S.- ROK alliance.

The current Moon's regime wants socialism, Communism like Kim Jong-un, a North Korean dictator Who abuses human rights .

@ Former President Park Geun-hye of the South Korea.

Please pray for the S.Korea and President Park Geun-hye.

I want all Christians to pray to free the innocent president Park Geun-hye from prison.

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by : Janne Pak
(The White House Correspondent)

(Janne Pak, 백악관 출입기자)
20여년 동안 한반도 문제를 다루고 있는 여성 언론인으로서 현재 미 백악관, 국방부, 국무성, 국회를 출입하고 있다.