"President Trump said, "There is no rush to the North Korea negotiation"

Janne Pak
2019-06-19 02:59
(6-16-2019)   by:  Janne Pak

-We are watching Kim Jong-un's stratagem with China's Xi- Jinping.

@ President Trump and President Duda of the Republic of Poland in Joint Press Conference, Rose Garden. (6/12/2019)

President Trump has held a summit with the President Duda of the Republic of Poland at the White House on June 12.
The two leaders concluded the talks and held a joint press conference at Rose Garden.

@ President Trump talked to Reporters.(at Rose Garden, White House)

President Trump and President Duda have pledged to further strengthen the friendship between the two countries.
On the other hand, a reporter asked Kim Jong-un about his recent letter to President Trump, President Trump said, "It is a very nice and beautiful letter. It was an unexpected letter. "
Asked if he could show this letter, he said it could take maybe 100 years or two weeks.

Q: Yesterday you revealed you got another letter from Kim Jong-un. And today we hear of the potential thawing of relations between South Korea and North Korea as Kim Jong-un is sending his sister to South Korea. Now, could you give us an update on more of what was in that letter? And is there a third summit in the works?

A: President Trump; He just wrote me a very nice letter, unexpected. And someday you'll see what was in that letter. Someday you'll be reading about it. Maybe in 100 years from now, maybe in two weeks. Who knows? But it was a very nice letter. It was a very warm, very nice letter. I appreciated it. Okay?

@ National Security Adviser John Bolton, always shadow for President Trump.

However, President Trump avoided comment on his reply to Kim Jong-un's letter. And the negotiations with North Korea "will not be in a hurry," he stressed.

On the other hand, Bolton's (National Security Adviser)hoped that Kim Jong-un would demonstrate a willingness to denuclearize, not an optimistic or pessimistic view of Kim Jong-un's letter. Kim Jung -un said that the denuclearization that the U.S. wants is FFVD and that the United States is ready for negotiation. In the end, the ball stated that Kim Jong-un had.

It seems the White House has already analyzed what the purpose of this letter from Kim Jong-un was.

@ State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus.-answered questions.

On the other hand, in a secret document recently released by Kim Jong-un, in a regular briefing by the State Department on what the United States is saying that "the purpose of North Korea's nuclear negotiations with the United States is to strengthen nuclear armed forces," I asked to Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus.

@ at the State Department briefing room, asked Question to spokesperson Ortagus -(Janne Pak).

Q: (Janne Pak): According to the Voice of America Yesterday, Kim Jong-un said in a secret document the final goal of the North Korea's nuclear negotiation with United States is to strengthen North Korea's nuclear Power.
Therefore, North Korea, Kim Jong-un is not willing to denuclearization of North Korea. - What is your comment?

A: (Ortagus): We see a lot of media repots like this all the time- whether it's North Korea or other parts of the world. And we certainly don't comment and speculate on every report. But since you asked me, president Trump and the Secretary believe that Chairman kim will fulfill his commitment to denuclearize, and that remains our policy.

The United States will resume talks with Pyongyang, but will resume negotiations on the front lines and proceed with a diplomatic normal course of summit talks.

This demonstrates the top-down skepticism that North Korea Kim Jong-un and the Moon Jae-in regime want to see, and it marks the ongoing progress of the U.S.-North Korea negotiations. President Trump said he did not need to rush into the negotiations. It is the answer to Kim Jong-un's letter.

@ State Department briefing room.(Janne Pak)

President Trump is expected to hold dialogues with the leaders on various denuclearization talks at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan on June 28-29th. And will visit Seoul, Korea on 29th and have a summit meeting between S.Korea and the United States.

The Korea - U.S. summit to be held in Seoul is more important than anything else. If Kim Jong-un talks with Xi-jinping on 20th-21st visit to North Korea, it is expected that Kim Jong-un will plan the anniversary of Xi with the comment. The United States is making a tactic about the meeting between Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping. Kim Jung-un will have a strategy for the U.S. if he has a meeting with Xi. Kim Jong-un is playing with nuclear weapons, but he will never stop. This is because Kim Jong-un's actions are helpful in strategically controlling the United States.

While Kim Jong-un is managing their alliance thoroughly, Moon Jae-in is making a lot of efforts to get out of his alliance with the United States. The Moon Jae-in regime should strengthen the ROK-U.S. alliance. Only then will it be time to denuclearize North Korea.

by: Janne Pak
(The White House Correspondent)

@ White House, South Lawn - Marine One helicopter for President (Janne Pak)

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