"Secretary Pompeo Showing Strengths of U.S.-Japan Alliance"

Janne Pak
2019-05-21 23:30
(5-20-2019) by: Janne Pak

- Is the ROK-U.S. alliance safe?

@Secretary Pompeo.

(5-20-2019) by: Janne Pak(White House Rose garden)

On May 20, Secretary Pompeo made telephone calls to Japan's Foreign Minister Kono Taro.
And Sec. Pompeo discussed the Iran issue with Kono Taro.
While the problem of denuclearization of North Korea is not resolved, the telephone conversation with South Korean Foreign Minister It is urgent, but Sec. Pompeo meet with Japan several times in person or rather.

In a telephone conversation with Foreign Minister Kono,
Discussed human rights violations in China and Huawei's Department of Commerce's list of Chinese telecommunications companies.
Secretary Pompeo and Foreign Minister Kono reaffirmed the strength
of the U. S.-Japan Alliance.

In April, the summit of the United States and Japan and 2 + 2 (diplomatic and defense ministers) talks were held. on May 25
President Trump will visit Japan for a state visit to Japan.
It is expected to attend many events to show off friends. In other words,
Friendly diplomacy is underway.

However, the S.Korean government is still in the process of diplomacy to boost the ROK-U.S. alliance.

Moon Jae-in has repeatedly said that he will give food even though kim jong-un shot the missile.
When Kim Jong-un shoots one missile each, Moon Jae-in regrets trying to give food and cash
Moon Jae-in should immediately withdraw this behavior.

If Kim Jung-un experimented with nuclear, would Moon devote all of his country? "Strongly to Moon Jae-in"
I want to ask. Moon Jae-in must be in the same road map as the United States for the complete denuclearization of North Korea.
Moon should go to the same page!.

Moon Jae-in should trying to stop North Korea's food worries and improve the quality of life for South Koreans.
It is time to pay attention. Do not protect Kim Jong-un anymore.

If Moon Jae-in continues to help Kim Jong-un's wrongdoing, North Korea's denuclearization will never
It will not be done.

by: Janne Pak
(White House Correspondent)

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