"President Trump should visit the THAAD base at the end of June,!"

Janne Pak(박금자)
2019-05-16 12:57
(5-15-2019) by: Janne Pak

- President Trump to go to S.Korea to reaffirm FFVD!

@white House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

@Sungju THAAD base, in South Korea.

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders told reporters on Thursday that President Trump will trip to S.Korea.
President Trump travels to Japan to visit the G20 summit in late June.

Originally it was decided to visit Japan only, but it was changed again.
I have not published a detailed plan about the schedule of the visit to S.Korea yet.

This visit to Korea will be the eighth meeting with President Moon Jae-in.
President Trump and President Moon Jae-in emphasized the U.S. position on North Korea's denuclearization whenever it meets. The denuclearization of North Korea in the U.S. is the final and fully verified denuclearization (FFVD).

We need to see how many hours it will be a day in S.Korea?!
President Trump said the DMZ, which failed to implement during his visit to Korea in 2017,
If President Trump try to visit again, this is also a meaningful message to Kim Jong -un

Also visit the 'THAAD' base in 'Sungju 'to see the scene
I think it has a big meaning. At present, the people of Sungju in South Korea are still
It is surrounded, and the complaints of the U.S. military working here so.

The South Korean press has not reported a any word about it.

I hope President Trump will visit Sungju THAAD base.

by: Janne Pak
(White House Correspondent)

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@at the White House, South lawn. (Janne Pak)

(Janne Pak, 백악관 출입기자)
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