"Why is Moon Jae-in no plan to prepare for the worst situation?"

Janne Pak(박금자)
2019-05-15 14:32
(5-15-2019) by Janne Pak

- U.S, waiting for military option! -

@President Trump visit to airforce base.

@act, Defense Sec. Shanahan before marching at the Pentagon.

The United States is making the utmost diplomatic resolution to the denuclearization of North Korea, but if it
Military options are also available.

Defense Minister Shanahan recently said in a conversation with reporters, "Is the U.s.going to do military action against Iran?" "It depends entirely on Iran." In response to a reporter's question, "Will we keep North Korea alive diplomatically?", We are helping diplomatically well. But when we reach diplomatic limits, I think we need military action. "

No country has a military option in mind, considering diplomatic breakdowns. The United States also emphasized that from this perspective, it is ready to take on full military action at any time.

Secretary of State Pompeo also emphasized that North Korea's nuclear and missile threats are threaten the world's security. North Korea threatened the United States and its allies with missile launches, saying that the problem will not change. In the end, North Korea's provocative actions pointed out that it would not make any profit.

Pesident Trump recently refrained from showing the most patience of Kim's provocative actions. The provocation of Kim Jong-un 's missile was a clue to President Trump' s grasp of Kim Jung-un. In the end, Kim Jong-un is stigmatized as a double, deceptive human being.

If there is a country that has plans for the worst and a country that does not, the current Moon Jae-in regime is defenseless without any plans against North Korea's nuclear threat. "Fake peace" is blocking people's eyes and ears.

I would like to ask the current Moon government who has gone to military disarmament. "Do you have plan B like U.S.?" Or is North Korean Kim Jong-un inducing S.Korea to accept it while interfering with denuclearization?

Kim Jong-un is demanding the resumption of the Kaesong Industrial Complex and Kumgangsan Tourism through the destruction of the ROK-U.S. alliance and economic cooperation with South Korea.

Moon Jae-in should no longer stop the Kim Jong-un's robotic behavior any more.

The Republic of Korea is not a dictatorship socialist country like North Korea.

Moon Jae-in regime must immediately launch a plan to prepare the worst situation for the lives of 28,000 USFK and the Korean people.

by: Janne Pak
(white House correspondent)


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