"Should We provide food to North Korea??

Janne Pak(박금자)
2019-05-13 18:03
(5-10-2019) by: Janne Pak

@When PM. Abe visited the White House oval office, President Trump pleased to welcome Abe.(Aprl 26, 2019)

@White House Rose Garden, (Janne Pak)

North Korea's Kim Jong-un fired missiles twice on May 4 and 11.
President Trump has made telephone calls to President Moon Jae-in after PM Abe.

The threat of missiles in the Korean peninsula is the most important party in South Korea.
Pres. Trump, however, was the first to make phone calls with Japanese Prime Minister Abe.
In his dialogue with Prime Minister Abe, he also expressed his gratitude for the complete and verifiable denuclearization(FFVD) of North Korea.
The two countries vowed to gather together and cooperate.

In the conversation with President Moon Jae-in, Pres. Trump wants " would like to cooperate with U.S. FFVD
he reconfirmed the conversation. The Blue House, however, announced a White House statement and a different position.
Trump is convinced that he will consistently go to the big deal on denuclearizing North Korea.
sec. Pompeo also stressed that Kim Jong-un should come to the table to get a big deal.

The U.S. Congress is concerned about food aid to North Korea, which is the'axis of evil'that Kim Jong-un is doing badly.
Is no longer able to support food. congress will once again consider the words of Humanitarian assistance to support North Korea . In fact, the US is opposed to food aid to Kim Jong-un,
And it is the dominant position that the nation can not stop cooperation with the United States.

Meanwhile, President Trump told a speech during his visit to Florida that "the U.S. would spend $5 billion dollars a year,
But South Korea complained that it spent only 500 million dollars a year.
And I think that a country that receives a lot of security support from the United States is now a country that hates America."

Trump did not say, but the South Korean government and some left-wing side Koreans and Pro-North Koreans.
There is a complaint about this. The Korean government needs to improve its ROK - US alliance.

by: Janne Pak
(White House Correspondent)

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